Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big Shot Ideas from Fall Fest

Well I have to say we made it home before the rain got too out of control on Saturday. I have to say you will be seeing two days of ideas from Fall Fest, because I have to say there were some fabulous Big Shot ideas shown at Fall Fest. We really have some very talented people in our group. First I'll start with pictures of our Big Shot girls, they were demonstrating to all us how to use the Big Shot and answering our questions. We even got to make a few projects to take home. So here they are Kristen Fuller, Tracy Altamose and then Kelly Mahoney, Tracy Bakunas and Jackie Matyasovski.

Here are some Fall and Winter ideas using the Big Shot.

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Kimmarie Baker said...

They look great! Wish I would have been there. Can't wait to see some more inspiration.