Monday, October 3, 2011

So a few more updates from the Martha show

Well I am home and now I can give a quick recount without trying to balance my laptop on my lap along with my camera and all while trying to smile for the tv camera.    It was an amazing show.   Lots of great ideas on the show.   I have to say I am loving the idea of making pie pops similar with cake pops.   Very cute.    

It's amazing how much gets done in between commercial breaks.   Tables get moved in and out. the crew is just amazing.

Click here to see a link to today's show details.

Click here to see my photo album on Facebook and see all the pictures I took on today's show.

Here I am with all the plants.   Yes, they are all real.   My mom would love this!!  

Here is Jody Levine's niece, Piper with Martha showing how to use the stencils.    She is quite the little entrepeneur.   Can you believe she made over 300$ at a craft show!    Here they are getting ready to do the stenciling part of the show.

Here is the stenciling segment of the show. How cute are these umbrellas!!

Here is the before and after of the vampire bat pinata.   Let's just say the vampire bat pinata is a little more sturdier than it looks. I swear they must have been hitting it a million times!

NJScrappers group in the audience...    They are sitting in the last row.

Martha taking question and answers from the audience after the show.   Look at those heels!

Craft blogger photo, not the best.  I asked someone from the audience to take the picture, but Colleen ended getting cut out.  : (   Very sad, but there is way too many people moving around on the stage.   Let's just say you got to be quick with the camera.  When the official shot gets released I'll make sure to get it on the blog and of course in a scrapbook page.

Here is Colleen in the second row blogging on her iPhone.  

Holy Martha craft giveaway.    We got the ultimate goodie bag from Martha.   We got an extra goodies for being craft bloggers!    Thank you Martha!!  I can't wait to start creating!

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