Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Weekend

If you were wondering why no posts this weekend, we'll that's an easy answer. It was a very busy weekend. It started with a birthday party on Friday, followed by standing in the rain to get the latest book by Clarenece Clemons, Big Man signed and then a day of stamping with friends!

So here some photos from this weekend. 1st is my picture of Clarence from the Bruce Springtsteen and E Street Band. He is just a nice guy. I wish we were able to take photos with him side by side, but they wouldn't allow it. The line was very long so they moved it along pretty quickly, so a photo was all we got along with our autographed books.

Next I had 3 fellow demonstrators come over and stamp. Here we are along with the mess we made. There was not a stretch of clean space along the two tables, check out the 2nd picture for a close up. We were a very productive little group yesterday. Lots of projects were completed with the 4 of us.


Tracy said...

So bummed I missed out! Looks like there was some serious creativity happening there!

Debbie Modrowsky said...

sorry to have missed your stamp-a-thon :) Next time!

Lisa Trombitas - said...

Aagghh - look at that table! We sure did a job! Thanks again for having us. I'm still putting the finishing touches on everything.