Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a Day!

This is a perfect ending to a perfect day. Today is my birthday. So many birthday wishes from family and friends. Let's just say I am loved, I got to blow out candles three times today! Let's just hope my birthday wish comes true after all that singing and cake. :) Now to the perfect ending is... every week when Kristina's does her color challenges, from she does a round up and picks her favorite submissions! Well, I just heard out of 158 talented submissions for the color challenge, I was 1 of the 20 pick for this week's! Click here to see my card along with the other 20 lucky picks See my cupcakes in the bottom right hand corner. So exciting!!!!!


Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on another well done challenge!

Kimmarie said...

Happy Birthday! Congratulations - love your card!