Monday, August 22, 2011

Helpful Tip

I just learned this helpful tip on the LinkedIn Scrapbooking Networking Group that I am one of the group managers.     If you are on LinkedIn, sign up for this group.   It is packed full of great tidbits like this one!

Click here to join the group.

Here is a helpful tip on how you can change your sticker and chipboard letters into letters you may need.   Because if you are like me you are constantly running out of letters you need!

1. n's and u's are all the same and either will turn into a lowercase r with just a tiny little snip
2. b's are q's, d's are p's and w's are m's - just upsidedown
3. Lowercase L's turn into i's (either capital or lowercase with a little snip).
4. h's can become u's, n's or r's
5. j's easily become i's
6. m's can become n's or u's or r's
7. n's can be pieced together to make m's or w's
8. o's become zeros
9. capital Q's become o's or zeros
10. e's become c's with two little snips
11. f's turn into j's by cutting off the sides and using one as the dot
12. I have made a p become an n or r in a pinch, but it isn't always as pretty

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