Saturday, October 31, 2009

6 sheets of paper = 28 projects!

As you probably noticed as the week went by I was getting more and more creative with my Halloween paper scraps. It was challenge that was beckoning me. I found the best way is make them in a patchwork pattern like a quilt for a background. I am happy to say with 6 pieces of Cast-a-Spell designer series paper, I was able to make 28 projects.

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The 28 projects were:
8 cards
7 Kit Kat holders
5 Scallop Square boxes
2 Fancy Favor Sizzex Boxes
2 Wall Hangings
1 Paper Gift Bag
1 Halloween Treat Mason Jar Topper
1 M&M holder
1 12x 12 page

Here are the scraps that remained at the end.

Happy Halloween!

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Colleen said...

Aren't you glad we split paper packs?