Thursday, June 26, 2014

A sneak peak into my craft studio

Here is my daily view that I sit down in my craft studio.   Well almost daily.  More times than not it is not this clean!!   This is definitely the before picture before piles of scrap paper, adhesives, inks, punches, trimmers and stamp sets start accumulating until there is not one inch that is not covered.   Click here to be taken to Moxie Fab World where people all over the crafty world are sharing their crafty workspaces.  

Here is one of my latest scrapbooking organizations that has been a lifesaver.    I finally found a way to corral all my pretty washi tape finds and make them accessible at my finger tips.    The other thing that use to drive me nuts was finding my rhinestones, candy dots and pearls.   They were all gathered in one drawer.   I had to shuffle through the big drawer to find what I was looking forward.   Now I have a small three draw Rubbermaid container and life is so much easier.   Again they are in arms reach, so they are always there when I need them.   Moxie Fab World is dedicating this week to their new edition of Creative Spaces Volume 3 they are showcasing amazing crafty workspaces.    Click here to see a link where the crafty community is sharing their creative storage ideas.

Here is a link to my craft room so you can see what is behind the white doors in the photos below and see how I organize the rest of my crafty goodies.

I am so excited I have a bunch of crafty friends coming over to scrapbook, stamp and enjoy the day this weekend.   I just finished setting up my craft studio for them.     I was surprised by how many workstations I was able to setup.    I can't wait for the crafty madness to start.



Julia said...

What a great crafting area! Love your washi tape storage idea!

Cindy C. said...

Very nice spacious crafting area! Must be fun to have friends over for card making party!!1

Stephanie Rodgers said...

Wow! You're not kidding! You do have a lot of scrappin' space!